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Session 4: Labour and trade unions in the energy transition

In the fourth session, we explored how worker organising and trade unions, in different places, can ensure that the energy transition creates good jobs.

Green Power Development Project in Bhutan. Credit: Flickr, Asian Development Bank

This is session 4 of the Democratising Energy Peer Learning Course by Platform London and Transnational Institute.


Our guests this week were Sean Sweeney and Maité Llanos from the international group Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED who also participated in the webinar. Here is a video presentation and interview with Sean, explaining what TUED does and some of the thinking behind the project.


The webinar featured contributions from

Sean Sweeney and Maité Llanos from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED).

Further reading

‘Resist, Reclaim, Restructure’ – TUED’s framing document Download in English or Descarga en Castellano / Español

TUED working papers http://unionsforenergydemocracy.org/resources/tued-publications/

‘Global Climate Jobs’ with contributions from campaigns in Norway, South Africa, US, Britain and Canada In English, Castellano / Spanish, or French

‘One Million Climate Jobs: A just transition to a low carbon economy to combat unemployment and climate change’, by One Million Climate Jobs campaign, South Africa http://womin.org.za/images/the-alternatives/fighting-destructive-extractivism/One%20Million%20Climate%20Jobs.pdf

‘Jobs After Coal: A Just Transition for Queensland’ by Queenland Conservation Council and 350.org https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bycg7lhoyMllM0psYm95Yjk1anlyZHB0QjVsZGdvQWgtR2p3/view

‘Jobs in Scotland’s new economy’ – a report commissioned by Scottish Green MSPs https://greens.scot/sites/default/files/Policy/Jobs_in_Scotland_New_Economy.pdf

‘The Roots and Shoots of Just Transition’ by Laurie Dougherty (US) http://breakfreepnw.org/2016/04/19/roots-shoots-just-transition/

‘Climate Justice: there are no jobs on a dead planet’ by the International Trade Union Confederation http://www.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/ituc_frontlines_climate_change_report_en.pdf

‘PLADA – Development platform of the Americas’ – collective document produced by the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas – TUCA. Particularly relevant is the ‘Environmental Dimension’ chapter. Read in EnglishFrenchSpanish or Portuguese  (pdf document)

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