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Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Pamplona and Zaragoza unite to promote the energy transition

This video is a collaborative production by the city of Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Pamplona y Zaragoza. For English subtitles, click the icons in the bottom right corner.

Green energy and efficient public practices have demonstrated that another energy model is possible. These five cities have jointly promoted a declaration and a video with the aim to explain their projects and bring more cities to this energy model.

The current energy model is inefficient, obsolete and harmful to the environment and people’s health. It uses fossil fuels that produce emissions, causing pollution and climate change. Electricity generation is centralised which creates a strong dependence on energy sources from abroad. This creates an inefficient system and contributes to energy poverty.

For this reason, there are cities committed to leading change, promoting a model based on local sources of renewable energy, savings, efficiency, and involving citizens in management. This will put citizens at the center and ensure access to energy for everyone.

Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Pamplona and Zaragoza are good examples of this new change in the energy model: they have all created contracts for green energy, confronted and worked to reverse energy poverty, and promoted self-consumption, savings, efficiency and citizen empowerment.

Barcelona and Pamplona have created a public electricity supplier; Cádiz already has a semi-public energy supplier that provides electricity to more than 80% of the population; Madrid’s new electricity supply contract guarantees they only provide 100% renewable energy, and Zaragoza will buy energy directly from the wholesale market.

All these projects have the common aim to promote changing the energy model and promote a transition towards real energy sovereignty. With this, the five cities have united to pitch a declaration and video to demand a role for the citizens in the leadership of this paradigm shift and to initiate more local projects.


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