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Community Power, Minneapolis and Minnesota

Local energy solutions to support energy democracy and community wealth-building

In 2011, a campaign that would eventually become Community Power was set up, with the aim of directing more of the US$450 million Minneapolis residents spend each year on energy bills towards a clean energy economy. Since the partnership’s creation, a broad coalition of actors have pushed forward community-grounded energy solutions: universally-accessible, debt free financing for energy efficiency upgrades; and switching to 100% renewables; workforce development for marginalized communities; just community solar.

Alliance against Energy Poverty, Cataluña

Standing up to human rights abuses by energy corporations through advocacy and mutual support

In Spain, energy poverty is a very real and punitive phenomenon, affecting around 5.1 million people or some 11% of the total population. In recent years, the Alliance against Energy Poverty (Alianza contra la Pobreza Energética - APE) has brought about a paradigm shift in Cataluña by bringing this issue to public attention. This alliance of energy poverty-affected people, social movements, local residents and NGOs is showing for the first time that energy poverty is much more than a question of whether or not families can afford to heat their homes. For APE, access to basic supplies such as energy and water is a fundamental human right.