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Berliner Energietisch, Germany

A promising attempt to reclaim Berlin's energy supply

In 2011 the non-partisan alliance Berliner Energietisch, roughly translated as Berlin Energy Roundtable, initiated a direct democracy campaign in which Berlin's citizens were asked to ‘reclaim’ the city's power. The coalition of 56 local civil society groups called for the remunicipalisation of Berlin's energy distribution grid by the new local grid operator (Berlin Energie) and for the establishment of a Berlin-owned local energy supplier (Berliner Stadtwerke). The demands were spelled out in a draft law that called for an ecological, social and democratic transformation of Berlin's energy supply.

Los Angeles Takes Historic Step Toward 100 Percent Clean Energy

Year after year, Angelenos endure some of the most polluted air quality in the entire nation. In 2016, Los Angeles was ranked by the American Lung Association as having the worst air quality of any city in the country. Dangerous smog and haze pollution that blankets Los Angeles throughout the year disproportionately impacts low-income and communities of color, placing an undue burden on some of the more vulnerable communities in the city. Families in cities across the country face similar threats in their communities where big polluters endanger the health of families.