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Rays of hope

clean and democratically controlled energy for everyone

Around the world, communities are fighting fossil fuel corporations, taking control of energy and finding new and more democratic ways of meeting their needs while respecting the limits of the environment. While none of these are perfect and there are still challenges to overcome, they demonstrate that there are real alternatives to corporate control of our energy systems.

Published by Global Justice Now

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December 2014

‘Rays of Hope – Clean and democratically controlled energy for everyone’ is part of the Exploring Alternatives pamphlet series.

Anyone campaigning for change will regularly come across the question ‘so what is your alternative?’ It’s a question that often throws us. We have lived through 30 years of free market mantra in which corporate power, the efficiency of the private sector, and the need to appease financial institutions are never questioned. It is difficult for us to imagine, let alone express, what a different world might look like.

This series of short booklets is an attempt to help activists answer the question. It doesn’t give a prescription for what another world would look like. Rather, it draws on current struggles around the world to show that alternative models are being built right now. As you will see from the guide, with energy systems there are plenty to draw from. Showing that truly democratic approaches fit for humans are alive and kicking.

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